A Sacred Balance

Just a few quotes from David Suzuki’s A Sacred Balance. Truly a thought provoking read, and I’m not even close to half way through. Maybe these quotes could help with thinking about the importance of Cootes?

‘Just one fistfull of moss can be home to over 28,000 individual organisms’ 

‘Each of us is literally created by air, water soil and sunlight’ 

‘As we have shifted our status to superspecies, our ancient understanding for the exquisite interconnectivity of all life has been shattered’



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1 Response to A Sacred Balance

  1. schlangerg says:

    I just posted on Vanja’s “Beauty of Nature” post below and it seems very fitting for you also. Maybe you two could collaborate on this??

    Could this turn into your project? I am beginning to see a Candy Chang like project on campus. She uses stencils and sidewalk chalk to share text, quotes and to engage the viewer to respond to questions. Are you interested in finding other quotes or coming up with questions of your own?

    You should also look into a few other artists… Candy Chang, Anna Garforth, Swoon…

    maybe a quick google “green street art” or “eco-friendly street art”

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