Eco Friendly Playground

When I first heard about this project a playground came to mind. I didn’t know how it could work but I thought it could be a fun place to interact with nature in a way that would not destroy it — in the sense that this would make a designated area for learning and observing rather than people wandering into habitats and stepping onto plants. My first bit of research for this proposal has just been online, where I found this web site explaining exactly what an “Eco Friendly Playground” is:

From there, this caught my attention: “some eco friendly playgrounds are incorporating into their designs a way to capture rain water. These playgrounds and sites are designed in such a way that the run-off of any precipitation can be stored and collected to water surrounding plants and gardens.”

I like the simplicity of this and the different possibilities there are for a “playground” idea. For example, someone was talking about educating people about different plant life, mushrooms, birds or even fish… this could be incorporated somehow so it also becomes educational.

One challenge in this proposal would be making all of the playground accessible to disabled people, but I think with enough research I can think of a design that fits everyone’s individual needs. (to the best of my ability).

I’m thinking out loud a little bit here! But if anyone has a suggestion feel free to comment =)

-Monica B

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4 Responses to Eco Friendly Playground

  1. anthonyvenable110 says:

    Reblogged this on anthonyvenable110.

  2. brinkmma says:

    Thanks for re-blogging ! Do you know of any Eco Friendly playgrounds ?

  3. kiarajasmine says:

    Hey, I’m pretty sure there’s an eco-friendly playground in Dundas. You should check it out.

  4. schlangerg says:

    Hmm, an interesting concept. Perhaps what you are talking about might not need to be “in” Cootes, but near by. Maybe it is an educational playground that through it’s activities it has to offer also offers education on Cootes or creates an awareness about Cootes. I once, long ago began looking into using recycled materials to build mounts that could be planted with native plants. Your idea has re-sparked this idea. I was thinking more about educational gardens at schools. But it could easily have been a playground. As I recall, I was looking into building animal forms out of old newspaper. Then planting seed on these forms to create green space. The idea was gardens that were designed to educate and also create habitat for species that might have been threatened, extinct or extirpated. I was thinking about large earthworks such as Micheal Heizer’s “Effigy Tumuli” at Buffalo Rock State Park in Illinois. (on a much smaller scale) Anyway, Maybe there is a way to think about playgrounds outside the box. How can a playground function on several levels of engagement? What is “play”?

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