My Cootes

My Cootes

Doing various tours of universities in Grade 12, one of the reasons McMaster stood out to me so much is because of Cootes. I remember coming into Hamilton via the 403 and catching a look at Cootes Paradise, and loving how much it reminded me of the Muskoka lakes, which is where I come from. As a person I love surrounding myself with nature, and I make sure I get down to Cootes at least once a week. Being surrounded by such beauty calms me down, and it is definately really upsetting to me to see all the pollution that overtook this area, especially learning about the history of Cootes and hearing that it used to be such a clean area.

These pictures I took from my phone while jogging from Princess Point to Bayfront park. That is one of my favorite pasttimes, and it breaks my heart to see the amount of garbage washing up on the shores

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  1. schlangerg says:

    Hmmm, large amounts of garbage… In Tennessee I used to organize a group of students every Earth Day. We would spend a few hours collection trash along the river. Lots of trash! Amazing amounts in a short period of time. We then took it back to the studio for sorting and a little cleaning. We took the trash to an Earth Day event for school children and demonstrated making fish out the trash all day long. Every year we ended out with lots of really great fish made from the trash from the river. What can you do with the trash?

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