Fall in Cootes Paradise

Fall in Cootes Paradise

Back in the fall I took these photos when I went on a wander through Cootes Paradise to sort of get away from the world. It has become a quiet spot for me to walk through every now and then to sort out my thoughts and let go of my worries and anxieties. During this visit I vividly remember a gentle breeze that was rustling in the trees and blowing the leaves around the ground around my feet. Here I was drawn to the variety of colours. They seemed so intensified as they all swirled around together.
When I think of Cootes Paradise I link it to feelings of calmness and being at peace with ones self.

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5 Responses to Fall in Cootes Paradise

  1. kiarajasmine says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. vanuu says:

    I love this image Cassandra. It stands out both for the beautiful imagery and also the wonderful description you had given it. I also feel that Cootes Paradise is a serene, magical kind of place. It is a place for wonder, exploration and formulation of ideas that only nature can bring to life. Cootes Paradise changes from season to season; some parts of it look almost unrecognizable from lets say spring to winter; however, the Paradise always retains a calm energy that is sure to captivate ones attention and everlasting appretiation for it.

  3. schlangerg says:

    Your photos are nice. They bring Andy Goldsworthy to mind. His work might be of inspiration for you. Google image search “andy goldsworthy leaves”

  4. vidamoh says:

    Really love these photos, captures the peacefulness of Cootes but also a playfulness! Can’t wait for some warmer weather!

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