Cootes Paradise: Fungi

While exploring what I find attractive about Cootes I thought about the simplicity of it; of being able to leave behind the busy, chaotic mess of my own schedule and just wander the trails available through Cootes. During warmer weather I would really enjoy disengaging myself by walking into Cootes and allowing the environment to really envelope me. The visuals and the soft silence is incredible peaceful.

Scooting through some old photographs I had of Cootes on my camera, from the odd time when I was walking through and I happened to have my camera on me, I found some curious photos of mushrooms that I had spotted. These mushrooms really got me thinking so I began doing some research on these little critters. I came across this article from another blog posting about Cootes Paradise and I really liked how the feelings I had about the mushrooms I found in Cootes were articulated.

The mushrooms really represent a versatility of nature or a ‘from nothing to something’ aspect that is really powerful and profound; I wish I had better words for it.

So instead I will leave the link I found and the photographs that got me thinking!

Natalie Richard

Natalie Richard

Natalie Richard

Natalie Richard

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5 Responses to Cootes Paradise: Fungi

  1. schlangerg says:

    I think you are very able to articulate your thoughts. And yes, this seems like a great direction to pursue… something I hadn’t given much thought. Sometimes to focus on the little things that most people might overlook is a great way to create awareness. I find it interesting that you are bringing a personal aspect to this. I can already see several directions you could take this concept!

    When I followed your link it didn’t work. I am not sure if it because I am in the US, but when I replaced the .ca with .com it worked.

    • Thank you Greg! I just really love the versatility of the mushrooms; their perseverance! And visually, they are so interesting! I think its those little things that really make a difference and when I was thinking about it; the mushroom is kind of like Cootes as a whole…no matter if parts of it die or what we throw at it; it is resilient and finds a way to grow and flourish either in a new location or continue through the damages done.
      I’m not sure why the link didn’t work the first time, sorry about that!

  2. swandivergent says:

    Great post Natalie, i really like your photos. The fungi in the first photo are so neat, I don’t think I’ve seen those there before!

    • Thank you Sylvia! I think my camera deserves the compliment though, I have no idea how to use it but it makes wonderful things anyways (:
      And thanks to Judy, her project last year was what really got me out into Cootes; I think it would have taken me a lot longer to discover it if it had not been for that project (:
      I caught those ones on the second trail behind Mac, not Chegwin but Raven?

    • brinkmma says:

      Me either Sylvia! Photos are wicked.

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