What I like about Cootes & a bit about me.

I love this spot in Cootes (apart from the garbage usually scattered by the water).

In the spring, you can see swans here pretty much all the time. In the winter, it’s notably emptier.



On Gregg’s suggestion I might try to add a bit of animation to it at some point, but until then I’ll just leave an animation I did at an earlier date here and state what everyone in our year already knows about me: I’m a really, really big bird fan.



About swandivergent

I'm Sylvia. I'm an art student and a bird fanatic.
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6 Responses to What I like about Cootes & a bit about me.

  1. Great sketch Sylvia. It really captures the feel of the place.

  2. schlangerg says:

    YAY! First post of the class! Sylvia wins a prize! I am not sure what that is, but am sure it will be good. Thanks for starting this process. I agree with Judy, great sketch. Do you know anything about animation? I can see this motion…

    • swandivergent says:

      Oh goody, a prize! I know a little about animation, in theory more than practice. I actually put together my first hand-drawn animation last weekend, which was (coincidentally) of a swan.

  3. brinkmma says:

    Awesome sketch Sylvia =) do you know about the birds in and around Cootes? I am interested in doing something with bird houses or bird eco-sculptures

    • swandivergent says:

      Hey, thanks! I’d like to think I know a bit about birds, and I’ve done a bit of reading about the native bird species of cootes as well. The mute swans that I usually see in the spot I posted are actually an invasive species that were introduced to be ornamental– The trumpeter swan is the native species. They’re both quite nice to look at though! If you want, let me know and I can hook you up with some resources, or talk to me in school for sure!

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